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2017-05-08 17:48

There are two options to distribute an application on the App Store:

The manual method

You have a minimal technical knowledge and you want to publish yourself your application manually. In this case, take the following steps:

1. First you need to generate in ABCApp the sources code of your application.
Connect to your backoffice, select the concerned application in Manage > Applications by clicking the button on the right of the list. In the section called “Mobile Source Codes & Builds” click on “Generate sources”. Your request enters the queue and is going to be generated,then a link appears to download the generated sources code.

2. Then you have to use an Apple software called Xcode to compile yourself the concerned sources code in the aim of generating your application. Of course, you need to have a Mac to be able to use Xcode.

You can download this software here:

To find more information about how to use Xcode in aim of generating your application, please read this article: ...

Actually you can do that without a Mac computer but you have to emulate your computer to install Mac OS and then install Xcode on Mac OS. Here is an article about that:

3. Connect to your iTunes Connect account to complete your app page with your screenshots, description. Then click on “Submit for review”. You can find more information in the documentation below: ...

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